RVSM for AFI Region

The APIRG 13 meeting held in Cape Verde established a Task Force in order to initiate the preliminary studies to implement RVSM all along the AFI region.

SATMA, comitted by the SAT group, has coordinated and carried out the first experience for a RVSM project in an AFI Area: The EUR/SAM corridor (RVSM to be implemented January 2002).

With Spain as reporter, SATMA has been invited to share the experience with all other AFI Regions in the AFI RVSM Task Force.

Monitoring Agencies

As a monitoring Agency, one of the duties of SATMA is to keep in contact with other Agencies. In that sense, a meeting was held in Brussels to introduce SATMA to APARMO, NATS and Eurocontrol delegations. In a first step, a RVSM data interchange is under study in order to share MASP/RVSM information.

Database Interchange Scheme